Crawford County

The Government of Crawford County is known as one of the three magistrate frameworks. The Commissioners will meet two times week after week (Friday and Tuesday), except for occasions, in the County Courthouse at 10:00 AM.

Situated with the Commissioners are the chosen County Clerk and the named County Counselor. The Clerk and Counselor, related to the chosen the following:

The Kansas District Court is likewise situated in the town hall.

Crawford County Sheriff’s Office

Here at the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, we are firm believers that you fight for the good of the people every single day. We are here to keep the peace and ensure all citizens of our lovely county are safe 24 hours a day.

The Sheriff’s Office team have four principles that they respect and listen to every day when on the job. It all starts with integrity. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office bases their team on this trait.

The next principle is honor. The team will uphold themselves to some of the highest standards, just as the community expects them too.

The third principle is loyalty. The team remains loyal to the community that they serve and to the agency that they run.

The last principle, but probably the most important one is trust. The team at the Sheriff’s Office knows that trust is not given, but trust is 100-percent earned. The only way for the community to trust our team is if we show them loyalty, integrity, and honor.

As of today, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office is currently running with the following people:

Crawford County Jail

The Crawford County Jail is arranged in Girard, Kansas. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office is the law authorization office liable for supervising the everyday tasks of the Crawford County Jail.

The facility was built back in 1998 and originally can house no more than 102 offenders at any given time. The Crawford County Jail came equipped with kitchen staff, inmate service staff, juvenile intake staff, and medical staff.

The fundamental crucial the Crawford County Jail is to keep prisoners in a protected and secure condition while giving a sheltered and secure spot for the network, and the staff individuals that work here. Every single prison guard that work in the Crawford County Jail will experience a thorough instructional class that outperforms both national and state levels.

The Crawford County Jail is a medium-security office. The office just houses both grown-up male and grown-up female prisoners. This office doesn’t house adolescent detainees.

Detainees in the Crawford County Jail have a couple of projects and administrations they can participate in to help restore them to not re-affront once they get discharged.

Greater part of prisoners that are in the Crawford County Jail are either hanging tight for preliminary and detainees who have just been condemned. The office will just house detainees who have a sentence of less than 2 years.

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